Most Discussed Areas


During your check up, Dr. Wallach checks your teeth as well as the surrounding gum tissue. He will notice swelling or bleeding as he gently examines the area.  He will teach you ways and give you ideas about cleaning and talk about how you can do these at home.  These will be simple tasks that will keep your gums in good health and do not require big expense.  Dr. Wallach prefers to give you these skills to put into action each day.  He believes that daily intervention by you brings the best outcome for keeping disease and inflammation away.  More on this at your appointment.

Root Canals

There are many misconceptions about why root canals are necessary and what causes a tooth to need one. Dr. Wallach takes the time to explain the reasons and will show you on the x-ray where the tooth might have infection and pain. He will only move forward when you are ready and understand the procedure.  The materials he uses are bio-compatible and safe.  This procedure is usually done in two appointments, but he will get you out of pain on the first appointment as the tooth is relieved of infection and then medicated.  It is a one-hour appointment

Crown and Bridge

When there is substantial breakdown of a tooth it is sometimes necessary to place a “crown” on the tooth.  This crown covers the entire tooth so you may chew normally. The look and feel is like a brand new tooth. Crowns are made of pure ceramics (no metal) and are biocompatible. They usually give you a long-term restoration given the proper care.  If you are missing a tooth or teeth…….a bridge may be possible.  This means that the gap that was created when the tooth was extracted will now be replaced by a new artificial tooth that is attached to the teeth nearby. This often entails three teeth to be restored.  This is a permanent placement and does not come in and out.  These are made to look like your real teeth. Dr. Wallach will demonstrate how to keep these clean.

Cosmetic Bondings

Dr. Wallach uses white filling material that is also biocompatible and long lasting.  He has successfully used this method to restore old fillings that have decayed or chipped. If too much of the tooth has been lost, he may suggest another treatment for you to consider.